Spinach Cake Recipe

Spinach Cake Recipe

Spinach Cake Recipe
Materials for making
2 eggs
1.5 glasses of sugar
2 glasses of flour
Half a glass of vegetable oil
200 grams of spinach
Baking powder

For the above:

1 package of whipped cream
1 glass of milk
Preparation Spinach Cake Recipe
Step 1: Fry the spinach in the pan until the water frees. Puree in a blender.

Step 2: Whisk 1 pack of whipped cream with milk and leave it in the refrigerator until it becomes a cake.

Step 3: For the cake, first froth the egg and sugar. Then add oil, vanilla, baking powder, spinach puree and flour and mix.

Step 4: Pour it into your baking tray and bake for 40 minutes in a preheated 180 degree oven.

  1. Step: Apply the whipped cream you have kept in the fridge on the cake with the help of a spatula after the cake has cooled.

The last step: If you wish, you can cut your cake in half and spread cream or whipped cream in between.
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