Grain Salad in Pepper Halves

Serves 2340 calories18g fat38g carbohydrates9g protein240mg sodium4g fiberIngredients:1 cup cooked quinoa or barleyflakes3 tablespoons crumbled feta3 tablespoons toasted pumpkinseeds2 tablespoons mayonnaise, ormore as desired1 large sweet bell pepper, splitin half lengthwise andseededRed leaf lettuce for platingSnipped cilantro leaves forgarnishMany different cultures claim originating stuffed peppers as anentrée, and you can find delicious versions of it,Continue reading “Grain Salad in Pepper Halves”


Layered salad with chicken, Chinese cabbage, corn, bell pepper and pickled cucumberCOMPONENTS4 SERVINGS3 single chicken fillets2 tablespoons gyros / kebab spices1 medium red onion1 large por1 medium jar of pickled cucumbers (e.g. gherkins)1 can of corn1 red pepper1/2 Chinese cabbage4 tablespoons of spicy ketchup2 tablespoons of vegetable oil2/3 cups of mayonnaise1/3 cup of thick creamContinue reading “GREEK GYROS SALAD”

Zimska salata s grahom

Zimska salata s grahom 1 kg graha – namočiti i skuhatiJedno pakiranje graška – isto skuhati4 veće mrkve – nasjeckati na kockice i prokuhati2 kg paprike2 luka6-7 češnjeva češnjaka1 litra kuhane rajčicešaka peršinovog listasol, biber, ljuta papričica, crvena mljevena paprika2 dcl ulja2 dcl octa Grah, grašak i mrkva se prethodno skuhaju. Paprika, luk i češnjakContinue reading “Zimska salata s grahom”

White radish salad

Ingredients leek Garlic (young) olive oil apple cider vinegar Salt and pepper preparation 1 radish peel and coarse grated. 2 leeks and garlic wash, chop finely and add radishes. 3 Mix the oil, vinegar, salt and pepper and pour over vegetables, stir and serve in the fridge to let it stand. 4 P. With theContinue reading “White radish salad”


Spinach is seasonal vegetables Spinach contains within it some calories and a lot of useful ingredients. effect. Spinach contains a lot of medicinal ingredients, and low in calories, and as an antioxidant beneficial effect on the treatment of some diseases and ailments: • allergies • anemia • diseases of the teeth and oral cavity •Continue reading “Spinach”