Homemade Dried Fig Energy Bar

Homemade Dried Fig Energy Bar If you are very fond of store-bought fruit bars, we recommend trying to cook them at home using this recipe, because they turn out to be much tastier and more natural!These bars are the perfect sweetness option for those who follow a healthy diet or have given up sugar. IngredientsContinue reading “Homemade Dried Fig Energy Bar”

Our 7 Most Cherished Christmas Cookies

Our Top 7 Most Cherished Christmas Cookies Edible Tree OrnamentsIngredients1 cup (2 sticks) butter, softened3/4 cup sugar2 eggs1 teaspoon vanilla extract3 1/2 cups all-purpose flourDirections In a large bowl, cream the butter and sugar. Add eggs and vanilla; beat 1 to 2 minutes, untillight and fluffy. Gradually add flour and beat 2 minutes, or untilContinue reading “Our 7 Most Cherished Christmas Cookies”

Chocolate Cocoa Cake Recipe

Chocolate Cocoa Cake RecipeChocolate cake with chocolate drops is a recipe for which chocolate is so good and thanks to which cocoa is found thousands of times. If you want, you can ask the chocolate, cocoa and cake separately. Because you will not find anyone who likes chocolate and cocoa cake. Moreover, it is notContinue reading “Chocolate Cocoa Cake Recipe”

Hot chocolate with almond milk and dehydrated strawberries

Hot chocolate with almond milk and dehydrated strawberriesIdeal for breakfast, it is delicious.For the hot chocolate (per person):1 glass of almond drink3 tablespoons of hot chocolate1 tablespoon dehydrated strawberries For hot chocolate, heat the almond drink and when it starts to get very hot add a tablespoon of powdered chocolate at a time, mixing wellContinue reading “Hot chocolate with almond milk and dehydrated strawberries”

Christmas fruit cake

Christmas fruit cakeChristmas dessert consisting of a cake with dried fruits and a variety of dried and candied fruits. During the process, alcohol (usually brandy) is repeatedly applied to the cake with a brush, which means that, in addition to acquiring a mild brandy flavor and a moist texture, this dessert will keep for yearsContinue reading “Christmas fruit cake”

Snowball Dessert Recipe

Snowball Dessert RecipeWe have a delicious recipe suggestion for those who love the unique taste of coconut! Moreover, its preparation is so practical that it is a recipe you can prepare as soon as you crave dessert! According to your taste, you can prepare the snow ball dessert by adding hazelnuts, walnuts or chocolate insideContinue reading “Snowball Dessert Recipe”

Sandwich Cookie Recipe

Sandwich Cookie RecipeCocoa and dark chocolate cookies prepared in round shapes are turned into sandwiches with the addition of pre-prepared cream. It is eaten cold, if desired, ice cream can be interrupted in good weather. These sandwiches, which will shake the throne of instant biscuits, go well with tea. If you are ready, we start.Continue reading “Sandwich Cookie Recipe”

Triangle Cake Recipe

Triangle Cake RecipeIngredients for Triangle Cake RecipeFor Cake:4 eggs1.5 cups granulated sugar1 tea glass of milk1 tea glass of oil2 cups flour1 pack of vanillin1 pack of baking powderFor the sauce:2 glasses of milk1 glass of granulated sugar2 tablespoons of cocoaFor the above:1 cup of coconutHow to Make Triangle Cake Recipe?Add the egg and sugarContinue reading “Triangle Cake Recipe”