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Smart Scallops Recipe: How to Avoid Overcooking

By Kitty GreenwaldAug. 19, 2021 8:00 am

Seared well on one side, these scallops get that gorgeous caramelized flavor while retaining all their succulence and sweetness. Served with bacon, corn and roasted peppers, this is summer cooking at its simplest and best.

WHEN IT SIZZLES First, the scallops get a nice sear on one side. Then they finish cooking in the simmering creamed-corn sauce.PHOTO: JENNY HUANG FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, FOOD STYLING BY TYNA HOANG, PROP STYLING BY SOPHIE STRANGIO



His Restaurants: Fore Street, Scales and Street and Co., all in Portland, Maine

What He’s Known For: Doing right by Portland’s extraordinary local seafood and produce. Weaving French techniques into classic New England dishes. Celebrating Maine’s seasonal rhythms.

FEW SUMMER MEALS are as simple and elegant as a plate of seared scallops. At sister restaurants Street and Co., Fore Street and Scales in Portland, Maine, chef Frédéric Eliot enjoys a ready supply of the shellfish from local waters.

In his first Slow Food Fast recipe, the French-born chef shares a favorite from the Scales menu: seared scallops served with bacon, corn, roasted peppers and cream. “We use the bacon drippings to sear the scallops,” he said. “You want the pan to be hot before the scallops go in, and then lower the heat so they cook at a steady sizzle.” Searing on one side only guards against overcooking.

“This is one of our best sellers,” Mr. Eliot said. “Corn with bacon, peppers and scallops is a perfect match.”

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