Tiramisu With Lemon

Credit:Dacya Lisan

Tiramisu with lemon

1 lemon | 500 gr. mascarpone | 125 gr. ricotta | 1 sachet vanilla sugar | 50 gr. sugar | 250 gr. fresh cream | 300 ml coffee | 4 tablespoon coffee liqueur | 200 gr. ladyfingers | 50 gr. dark chocolate | 2 tablespoon cocoa
powder.Wash and grate a lemon. We divide it in half and then squeeze the juice. We mix the sugar together with the mascarpone, the ricotta and the grated zest and the vanilla sugar.
We whip the cream until stiff and then add it to the cream. Let’s add the coffee together with the liqueur.
In a saucer we put the coffee (half dose) and the liqueur: soak the ladyfingers. We arrange the cookies for a whole layer.
We spread half of the cream on the biscuits. We cover with another layer of ladyfingers and then wet with the coffee again. We then make another layer of cream.
Let it rest in the fridge for at least a couple of hours. On the surface of the tiramisu we grate some chocolate flakes.
We conclude the preparation by sprinkling with cocoa.

Tiramisu is certainly one of the most loved desserts and therefore in order not to always eat it in the same way today we have decided to recommend a delicious variant. I recommend, if you want to complete the dessert in a big way, to decorate at the end with some chocolate pralines perhaps in the shape of a heart in order to make the tiramisu also beautiful to see. Alternatively, if you want to have fun, you can whip some cream and put it in a pastry bag: then decorate to your liking.

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