Black Rice with Shrimp

Black Rice with ShrimpBlack rice is a naturally black brown rice, rich in ber and minerals. This variety of rice is Italian and is called “venere”. This recipe is very simple and is very tasty. Squid are simple squid rings.Ingredients:(For two)4 handfuls of black rice300 g squid rings2 cloves of garlicTwo tablespoons of chopped parsleyAContinue reading “Black Rice with Shrimp”

Rice with Meat

Rice with MeatIngredients for Rice with Meat2 cups of rice1/2 tablespoon of butter1 teaspoon of olive oil250 grams of beef cubed1 carrot2 tablespoons of currants1 cup boiled chickpeas1 teaspoon of salt1 sugar cubeThe Tip of the RICE WITH MEATAdding sugar cube while cooking rice will help make your rice taste more dominant and more delicious.Continue reading “Rice with Meat”