Mushroom tart recipe

Mushroom tart recipeThis recipe, which you will always want to make in winter, will warm you up in cold weather! You will find the classic tart dough crunch on the bottom base and the sautéed flavor of leek and mushroom inside. Here are the ingredients and production stages for this unique flavor.Materials for makingFor internalContinue reading “Mushroom tart recipe”

Pie with cheese

Ingredients for 5 servings: 10 medium crust or crust pie (it’s about 500 g) 1 cup (yogurt) flour 1 cup (yogurt) oil 1 cup yogurt 1 baking powder 3 eggs 200 g cheese Cosy production and consumption. First, make a mixture by the 3 egg whites whip dreams, which are added to flour, oil, yogurtContinue reading “Pie with cheese”