Health Benefits of Onions

What are the health benefits of onions? Onion’s are an extremely healthy food and an indispensable spice in cooking. It is one of the oldest types of vegetables. It is used as an addition to dishes, salads, but also as a medicine. The aromatic smell and taste of onions has always been irresistible to mankind and that is why it is consumed in all parts of the world. It is extremely rich in vitamins, especially vitamin B and vitamin C, cellulose, potassium, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, selenium, and iron. That is why this popular food is especially valued for its medicinal effect. There is almost no ailment that onions cannot relieve. It regulates the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood, while garlic lowers blood pressure and improves the functioning of blood vessels.

Every type of onion has a preventive effect on heart attacks and strokes, it also increases immunity, prevents the occurrence of cancer, especially colon cancer, and helps with the anti-inflammatory processes, wounds and ulcers, and also with arthritis, flu, colds and problems with the respiratory organs. It effectively destroys bacteria, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, as well as regulating the intestinal flora, it acts as a diuretic, that cleanses the body of toxins, while increasing appetite and helping to digest food more easily. Onions should be stored at room temperature in mesh bags for a maximum of two months. Garlic loses its nutritional value the fastest and should be used no later than two to three days after purchase.

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