Autumn equinox – harvest time

Autumn equinox – harvest time –

Equinox means the same length of day and night. It means equal nights in Latin, and it happens twice a year, on March 21 and September 23. After that, the daylight will decrease and the nights will become longer. The equinox defines the change of seasons. For ancient peoples, it was the time of harvest and festivals, dedicated to pagan goddesses, where people gave thanks for a good harvest and prosperity. Mabon, celebrated by the pagan Celts, was an apple-ripening festival celebrated on the day of the equinox. By the way, apples are one of the symbols of the Mabon season, because this fruit is often associated with wisdom. Although many of these traditions have disappeared over time, the change of seasons always has a special theme. Ancient traditions have not been completely forgotten, and many festivals and celebrations are still held on this day. When it comes to the Autumn Equinox, we know that this cycle is about maturing where we reap the fruits of our labor and give thanks for what we have. On this day, delicious dishes are prepared from seasonal fruits and vegetables and friends are invited. In this way, it is shown that the person accepts all the gifts of autumn. In addition, one should not forget to do charity in any form. Nicolas de Condorcet, French philosopher said: “Get used to charity from a young age, but charity enlightened by reason and guided by justice. Don’t limit yourself to material or monetary help, give your care, your time, and your knowledge to give moral comfort , which is often more valuable than any help. Under such conditions, your charity will not depend only on your wallet; it will serve as an occupation and a pleasure for you. Never forget that the one who needs help is by nature the same as the one who gives.” Do not forget that the day of the autumn equinox is a time to thank the higher forces for everything that has been given to us. So, on this magical and very special day, celebrate kindness and dharma renewal, participate in traditional events, show hospitality and prepare delicious food.

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