Culinary tips for frying meat

Culinary tips for frying meat –
You can fry the meat in two ways, in a pan with very little fat or completely immersed in oil or fat. If the meat is not soft, you can beat it before frying. Put the steaks or a piece of meat in a bag or cover it with cellophane, because then it won’t splatter around when you pound it with a meat mallet. You can protect less juicy meat by breading or frying it or rolling it in a mixture of spices. It is best not to fry the meat at the highest temperature. As soon as the fat begins to smoke, it is a sign that you have heated it too much and the meat will be cooked unevenly or will burn. Before frying, it is good to coat the meat with oil, and salt it only when it is ready, because during frying it loses water and becomes drier. If you haven’t coated it with oil, then salt it before frying, because if you salt it afterwards, all the juices will come out. You can pepper it anytime.

Roll chicken, veal, and young pork in flour and fry, occasionally shaking the pan, in moderately heated fat. Salt the meat during frying. It is better to boil, roast or stew beef, mutton and game. If you do fry them, put the thin schnitzels on a cold pan without fat and gradually heat it up to the highest temperature. Do not pierce the meat when turning, but use a spatula instead. You can fry schnitzels, cutlets and stuffed schnitzels in the pan. Heavier pans are best, but also those coated with non-stick material, so you can fry meat almost without fat. In this case, do not use metal forks, which can scratch or destroy the coating, but turn the meat and remove it with a wooden or silicone utensil.

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