Natural home remedies for blood clots

Natural home remedies for blood clots –

Blood clots in the veins can occur for various reasons. But there are alternative ways to overcome this.
Aspirin is one of the products that helps to fight excessive blood clots.
Its main component is acetylsalicylic acid. Salicylates have strong anti-inflammatory properties, they flush the blood.
“Medicina” informs that some natural products contain this acid. Therefore, they can be an alternative to blood thinners.

Raspberries –  Contains natural acetylsalicylic acid. As with aspirin, it has long established itself as a thinning agent.
Flaxseed Oil  – Simply put, it’s a champ in polyunsaturated fatty acids and vitamin E. This allows the arteries to become flexible and helps to destroy cholesterol plaques.

Oily fish species  – Contains essential amino acids and reduces thromboxane levels, which exacerbate atherosclerotic formations.

Garlic –  It is a powerful antioxidant, promotes the resorption of blood clots, and reduces inflammation.

Tomatoes –  The lycopene they contain normalizes cholesterol levels and strengthens the walls of blood vessels.
Dates –  The flavonoids and antioxidants in this fruit are great for thinning the blood and lowering cholesterol.

Ginger, turmeric, and cinnamon  are three great spices that contain coumarin. It is a substance that prevents clotting and has a clear antioxidant effect.
Honey –  With its regular use, it has a clear effect on the blood and blood vessels.
Vitamin C –  Cabbage, including sauerkraut, and all citrus fruits are high in vitamin C. It improves the quality of blood and vessels.
Also, apples, kiwi, watermelon, dried apricots, dates, peppers, radishes, almonds and black tea are perfect for blood thinning.



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