Are lemons the best source of vitamin C?

Are lemons the best source of vitamin C? The lemon is the common name for Citrus limon. Lemon has been used as medicine since ancient times. First of all, it was considered that lemon is an effective remedy against bleeding from open wounds and for cleaning festering wounds. People knew from experience that lemon disinfects water, and modern science has confirmed this. Lemon juice is one of the best-known sources of vitamin C, but it also contains other medicinal ingredients. Lemon helps not only against colds, but also against many other diseases. There’s almost nothing that lemon juice can’t improve. There is even scientific evidence that lemon reduces the risk of cancer and heart attack, and its antibacterial and antiviral effects, as well as its power to strengthen immunity, are known. Doctors recommend that you start the day with freshly squeezed lemonade in warm water, in order to reduce the feeling of hunger, cleanse the liver and improve digestion.

Are lemons the best source of vitamin C?

Lemon oil stimulates brain activity, so whenever you feel tired or lack concentration, you can pour a few drops of lemon oil into an aromatherapy lamp and drink a glass of lemonade every two hours. When you need to fight a cold, flu and sneezing, also drink a lot of lemonade or tea with lemon. Lemon is excellent for detoxifying the body, helps with the excretion of excess fluid and reduces cellulite. As a low-calorie food that slows down the assimilation of fats, it can help maintain an ideal body weight, because 100 g of this fruit contains only 19 calories, but also many healthy and useful ingredients. Lemon is also recommended as a mosquito repellent. The best quality lemon is the one that is completely ripe, heavy for its size, and has a smooth and thin peel. It should be completely yellow, without green parts on the skin. Fresh lemons are juicier when stored at room temperature and last five days longer than when refrigerated. Nutritionists say that spinach or other vegetables rich in iron should be sprinkled with lemon juice, because the vitamin C from the juice will improve iron absorption.



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