Spaghetti with arugula

Spaghetti with arugula –
Arugula is a Mediterranean plant with green leaves and a slightly bitter taste from the family of broccoli, cabbage, kohlrabi, and kale. In the last few years, it has gained popularity since it is very nutritious and medicinal. It consists mainly of water, rich in carbohydrates and proteins, calcium, magnesium, iron, potassium, phosphorus, vitamin A, K, C and B complex. It contains active ingredients that have anti-cancer properties. Arugula is especially important in the prevention of breast cancer. In its fresh state, it is most often consumed as a salad. It gives a specific taste to soups, stews, risotto, pastas and tomato-based dressings. It is used as an addition to pizzas, game specialties, grilled meat and seafood. Its bitterness can be softened by briefly frying it in olive oil. It has been on the markets since May, and it is best to use it immediately, within three days at the latest.

Spaghetti with arugula ingredients:
one package of spaghetti,
500g of tomatoes,
100g of arugula,
clove of garlic,
a small cup of olive oil,
pepper and salt.
Cut the washed tomato into cubes. Pour a tablespoon of olive oil into the pan, add coarsely chopped garlic, fry briefly and stir in the tomatoes, then fry at a higher temperature for about 10 minutes. Wash and clean the arugula. It is good to drain, then blend with half a cup of olive oil, pepper and a little salt. Mix to obtain a compact mass. Cook the spaghetti in a large amount of salted water, so that they are al dente. Strain and pour over the prepared tomato and arugula pesto.

credit Harnisch, Christel 

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