Chocolate Cream Roll

Chocolate Cream Roll filled with chocolate and Nutella is a very simple and quick recipe to prepare.
Chocolate Cream Roll, dough ingredients:
3 egg whites,
2 large spoons of water,
3 egg yolks,
120 g of sugar,
teaspoon of baking powder,
1 large spoon of starch flour,
30 g of cocoa powder,
80 grams of flour.
Ingredients for the cream:
250 g of cooking chocolate,
1 dl of sweet cream,
120 g of mascarpone cheese,
60 g nutella cream.
Place baking paper in a larger tray. Melt the chocolate and cream in a bowl to get a compact mass. Leave the mixture aside to cool. Whip egg whites and water until stiff, then add half of the sugar. Heat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Beat the sugar and egg yolks until foamy and slowly add the starch flour, flour, baking powder, cocoa and at the end gently mix in the egg whites. The mixture must be nicely uniform. Pour into the prepared pan and bake in the oven for about 10 minutes. Leave to cool. After that, remove the baking paper. Add mascarpone cheese and Nutella cream to the melted chocolate. Mix this gently to make the mixture compact. Spread half of the prepared chocolate mixture on the inside of the roll, then fold it over. Spread the other half of the mixture on the outside. Decorate as you wish.


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