Red wine vs white wine

Red wine vs white wine: discover the differences between these drinks and how to pair them

Author Alejandro Suaste
If dinner is around, which drink do you prefer, white wine or red wine? For special celebrations or dates in December, wine is always present because it alludes to the toast of a good occasion. However, this drink can be drunk on any occasion and combined with different foods. Wine has many characteristics that distinguish it from other alcoholic beverages, even among its different types, and what stands out at first glance is its color. But what are the differences between red wine and white wine?
Its difference begins in the grape variety that is chosen to make the wine and if it is allowed to macerate with the skin, that is, with the skin of the grape. This part of the grape is not needed for the production of white wine. While for red wine, if they require maceration in which the grapes keep their skins, there are tannins that are responsible for the dark shade that characterizes it.
type of grape
The grapes used for the production of these two wines are different, for white wines, among others, Chardonnay, Moscatel, Albariño, Macabeo, Godello, Verdejo are used. While for red wine they use grapes Merlot, Pinot Noir, Tempranillo, Garnacha, Graciano, Mencía, to name just a few.
Another characteristic that we must take into account is the aroma of the wine. In the case of red wines, its taste is strong and full, and even when it is opened, an intense aroma is felt. Compared to white wine, its aroma is light, balanced and in many cases floral or fruity.
However, the maceration temperature of the grapes is also another difference between these two types of wine. As for white wine, it can reach a temperature of 17 to 19°C, while for red wine the temperature is 24-30°C.
For consumption, vivid white is recommended at a temperature of 8 to 14 degrees. For red wine, it is ideal to consume it at a temperature of 14 to 20 degrees. It depends on the type of wine, whether it is young, fermented, aged, reserve, as the case may be.
Pairing red and white wine
The combination of foods is something that will enhance its taste, although in many cases it depends on each person’s taste. Due to its bright red color and intense taste, it is recommended to accompany dishes such as red meat, cheese and some types of fish such as tuna or salmon. For white wine, it is recommended to combine them with white fish and shellfish, as well as chicken and turkey.



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