The lycopene present in tomatoes – and also in strawberries and watermelons – has an antioxidant action, which helps to reduce the production of free radicals. Because of this substance, the also nutrologist Dr. Fernando Bahdur Chueire says: “Tomatoes are recommended for prevention, but when talking about some types of cancer, such as prostate cancer, the food should be consumed daily, including as an ally in the treatment”. During preparation, it is essential to cook the tomato and add a monounsaturated fat, such as olive oil. “ Lycopene is extracted from tomatoes and is retained in the oil. Therefore, sauces, especially homemade ones, concentrate more lycopene than the fruit itself”.

Here, the immune system is greatly favored. “Garlic is a natural antibiotic, capable of controlling fungus and bacteria. In acute crises, drugs are indispensable. However, those who suffer from recurrent infections, such as recurrent candidiasis, can benefit from the antibacterial effect of garlic, “says Dr. Robert Navarro. But as allicin, its “miraculous” active principle, is lost in cooking, the question is how to consume raw garlic. Some tips are: preparing broths that take the ingredient in natura (such as pesto sauce or gazpacho), adding thin slices of garlic to the salad or cutting it in half and swallowing it with water, without chewing it, as if it were a pill. The nutrologist recommends eating two cloves of garlic a day.

The English saying (which says that an apple a day avoids pectin, found in the peel of the fruit. The apple is a coadjuvant in cholesterol control treatments. “It is important to eat with the peel”. The benefits of the apple in cases of intestinal constipation: “30 grams of fiber are needed per day to ensure the proper functioning of this organ, which would correspond to about ten apples. fruits such as pear and papaya”.

Fibers / Oats
The fibers present in abundance in oats would be reason enough to recommend the daily intake of half a cup of cereal to anyone who wants to prolong the feeling of satiety and regulate intestinal transit (which includes a large number of women). Diabetics can also benefit from the ingredient since, in the presence of fibers, blood glucose is absorbed gradually, avoiding insulin spikes. But the dietary prescription goes further: “Oats are a source of beta-glucan, which helps control cholesterol and reduce the risk of bowel cancer,” says Dr. Robert Navarro.

Magazine: Delboni Auriemo – Medicina Diagnóstica – Volume: 1, Number 7 – 2015


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