All about Rue: from origin to mystique

All about Rue: from origin to mystique – By Cobasi –

Ruta graveolens, commonly called Rues, is a very popular plant that is used for various purposes. It is quite common to see them in vertical gardens, flower beds and among the main plants intended for exoteric cultivation. Do you want to know more about her? Let’s go!
What is rue?
Under the scientific name Ruta Graveolens, rue is a plant of European origin that can reach up to 1.5 meters when planted directly in the ground. So, it has bluish-green and even grayish leaves. Therefore, the route has a strong aroma that can be recognized from afar.
In addition, along its entire length, from the base, the plant has a woody and branched stem. This is why its leaves are fleshy and alternate and can be up to 15 centimeters long. That is, this plant also has small yellowish flowers that produce very small, capsule-shaped fruits that can open into up to five valves.
How to plant?
Rue is an easy plant to plant and grow. This is because they prefer soil without much concern for growth, but rich in organic matter. So, rue is a plant that needs intense sun and dry, well-drained soil to grow.
Also, when planting in a container, it is important to have a drainage layer at the bottom of the container. Therefore, an excellent option in this scenario is the use of expanded clay. Thus, the water easily drains away and thus the root cannot stay in contact with the water for a long time, which causes it to rot.
Care needed
If you are embarking on the adventure of growing rue for the first time, it is important that you know that it is a very poisonous plant. Therefore, they must be out of the reach of children and animals. Furthermore, it is recommended that rue be planted in different containers from other plant species, because its growth can interfere with the development of neighboring plants.

The sap present in the plant can even cause dermatological problems for those who handle it without protection. Therefore, always wear gloves and long-sleeved clothing when handling the rut.

What are the advantages?
Ruta is rich in minerals.
Here is one of the main reasons for growing this plant. Ruta is rich in minerals and has properties that can be very beneficial for users. Its components have different actions, for example:


All about Rue: from origin to mystique

Weinraute (Ruta graveolens) im Freien

What is the mysticism of the plant?
Since its inception, the route has always been destined for mystical activities. In antiquity, for example, it was normal to use the branches of this plant during mass to sprinkle the faithful with holy water. They were still used to prevent infectious diseases and protect against spells.

That is why today his image is associated with protection against envy, spells and negative energies. For this reason, it occupies a fixed place among the so-called “protective herbs”, in the society of guineas, with I-no-one-can and among others. It is believed that rue offers protection to the homes in which they are placed, providing an environment free of bad energy and even more vitality to the inhabitants.

credit Diez, Otmar

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