Buđola, dried pork neck

How to make buđola, dried pork neck? If you have decided on this delicacy, when buying meat, make sure that the pork neck is well covered with fat, that the piece you are buying weighs about 4 kg. Also, this part of the meat should be evenly cut and the meat of the pig should be two to three years old. For drying, you can dry the bouđoles rolled or in pieces. Everything that hangs and protrudes from the pork neck meat for buđoli, which you will marinate and then dry, should be cut off, so that they are of the same thickness on all sides. It may happen that you have to cut off 30%, so pay attention when buying that the pieces are as regular as possible.
We marinate the pork neck in two ways, dry or wet marinade. For the dry marinade, we use sea salt, along with peppercorns and crushed juniper berries and bay leaves mixed with salt. Roll the pork neck well in salt and spices. Shake so that no salt and spices remain on the buđola.
Then put the buđola in a plastic bag and put them in the cold, from 2 to 7 degrees Celsius, for three to four weeks. If you stick with dry marinade, turn the bags over every couple of days. As a rule, the liquid that came out returns to the meat after a couple of days, which is good, because that is how salt is transported into the meat. Seal the rest of the salt well, you will use it for the wet marinade.
After three to four weeks, take out the buđola, wash them and put them in cold water for 24 hours, and change the water every 8 hours. In this way, excess salt comes out. Drain them and wrap them well in cloths to dry. In cloths in the cold, leave for 24-36 hours to dry. If necessary, change the cloths. At the end, the mold should be dry, without visible traces of wetness and slightly sticky to the touch.
Put the mesh on the buđola. Be sure to hang a sticker on the buđola on which you wrote the date you put it out to dry. Buđola is smoked three times, 12 hours each, within 14 days. The first two smokes go in the first 48 hours, while the third smoke goes on the fifth day. Depending on whether you feel moisture on the surface and whether everything is dry, decide on the fourth and fifth smoke. Enjoy this meat specialty.


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