Popular culinary herbs and their uses

Popular culinary herbs and their uses –

Spices are an indispensable part of cooking. Without them, not a single dish would be tasty. Their aroma is strongest when they are fresh. These are popular culinary herbs and their uses.

Basil is one of the most popular spices, it has a very strong smell and a slightly bitter taste. It is mostly used in Mediterranean cuisine, it goes well with tomatoes.

Coriander has a spicy aroma, it is an inevitable ingredient in marinades and oriental specialties.

Tarragon resembles parsley, but is even more aromatic. It is added to mustard, sauces, chicken and fish dishes.

Bay leaves are added to stews, soups, stews. Only one or two leaves are enough to give the dish its aroma.

Thyme is a delicious and medicinal spice, which perfectly complements the taste of meat and facilitates the digestion of high-calorie foods.

Like oregano, marjoram is often put on pizzas and pastas, it is added to mushroom and tomato dishes.

Mint can be added to almost any dish, and is especially recommended for lamb and fresh salads. Besides being tasty, this spice is also healthy and improves digestion.

Rosemary smells extremely nice, sprigs of this spice are added to fish and game specialties, as well as to various sauces and marinades.

Chives have leaves that resemble garlic, but are easier to digest. It is an excellent ingredient in fresh salads and sauces, and professional chefs often use thin green chives to decorate dishes on the plate.

Sage is mainly consumed in the form of tea, and in cooking it should be added in smaller quantities and only to some dishes, because it has an exceptionally strong aroma. It is excellent for marinades, juices, rice dishes.

Parsley is so healthy that it should be eaten fresh every day. Since it does not have such a strong aroma, it can be added to any dish. When added to cooked dishes, it should be added just before serving, as it quickly loses its nutrients.

Dill (Anethum graveolens)  is added to every soup, as well as stew made from legumes, primarily peas and green beans. When it comes to meat, parsley goes best with lamb.

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