Cauliflower moussaka

Cauliflower moussaka –
Cauliflower is an irreplaceable ingredient in the kitchen. This vegetable, which belongs to the cabbage family, and this herbaceous plant is attracting more and more attention from scientists, because of its powerful ingredients that have a positive effect on health. Whether you eat it raw or boiled, as a salad or a light main dish, cauliflower will help you invigorate and get rid of insomnia. In addition to being nutritious, it can detoxify our system and strengthen immunity, and vegetables are very effective in preventing cancer and reducing the growth of tumor cells.
Cauliflower is rich in vitamin C and magnesium. In addition to its antioxidant effect, cauliflower also plays a major role in cleansing the body of harmful substances. In addition to medicinal properties, cauliflower also has the properties of a powerful aphrodisiac. Although it belongs to vegetables that open the appetite, it is recommended for everyone who is struggling with extra pounds, because it has a low caloric value. Of all nutrients, it contains the most water.

Cauliflower moussaka

When it comes to dishes made from this vegetable, you will definitely like cauliflower moussaka. Take 1 kg of cauliflower, which is cut into larger pieces and cooked in salted water to which one cup of milk has been added. Drain the half-cooked cauliflower.
Fry 100 g of onion and 300 g of minced meat in sunflower oil, then add one small package of tomato puree, a spoonful of dry spices (basil, oregano or other spices as desired), pepper and a little salt. When the meat is soft, add 20 grams of garlic and a teaspoon of fresh parsley leaves. In an ovenproof bowl, arrange half of the cauliflower, on top of it the stewed minced meat and another row of cauliflower. Mix two eggs with one cup of sour cream, add salt and pour over the moussaka. Bake in the oven for about half an hour at 220 degrees C.


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