What is the benefit of sage?

What is the benefit of sage? Sage is a perennial herbaceous plant from the genus Salvia, from the family of salvia. It has soft, greyish green leaves. This plant is often planted next to other aromatic plants, such as basil and rosemary.

Sage leaves and flowers medicinally have disinfection, anti-inflammatory, diuretic effects, reduce sweating.

What is the benefit of sage, how to use and store it? The range of application of sage is large. In cooking, it is used in pork dishes, game, sausages, salads. Sage is an ideal herb because it is part of the spices. In addition, it is used in medicine in the treatment and prevention of many diseases.

Sage is used to improve concentration and memory, and it is considered to contribute to longevity. Until the discovery of antibiotics, sage tea was used for sore throat, pharynx, hoarseness, inflammation of internal organs, for vaginal washes, for tuberculous sweating, and for fungal infections.

Sage is also used for the regulation of sweating, for menstrual disorders, for strengthening the nerves, for purifying the liver, for rheumatism.
This medicinal plant affects the processes of digestion and bile secretion. It is used to reduce nervousness, tension and dizziness. It is also known as a tonic for fatigue, reduction of nervous exhaustion, weakened immunity, poor memory and poor concentration.

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