Benefits of almonds

Everyone has heard about the benefits of almonds. One handful of almonds a day is what should definitely be included in the daily diet. Almonds provide us with valuable nutrients and give us a feeling of satiety. It can be eaten raw or baked, added to salads, dishes, and almond milk is also a great food. Almonds are best eaten on an empty stomach in order to ensure the best possible absorption of nutrients. Compared to other nuts, almonds are one of the most nutritious, and the health benefits are multiple. Monosaturated fats, which are abundant in almonds, are one of the healthiest fats for the functioning of the human body. These fats, proteins, potassium and vitamin E are the reason why they are recommended for heart problems, and for good heart function in general. This fruit is a source of many ingredients that are necessary for the proper development and functioning of the brain and nervous system. It is especially recommended for developing children. In the case of disorders of the respiratory organs, cough, anemia, impotence and diabetes, almonds are indispensable on the menu. It reduces cholesterol and improves memory, helps in hair, skin and teeth care.

Cabbage salad with almonds
Cabbage salad with almonds is easy to make, and it is very healthy and tasty. From the ingredients you need:
half a head of green or purple cabbage,
one apple,
a few leaves of arugula,
a handful of chopped, roasted almonds,
a few drops of quality extra virgin olive oil,
a little basil, if desired
a little fresh mint, if desired,
some fresh parsley,
Grate half a head of cabbage. Wash, peel and grate the apple. Wash a few arugula leaves as well. Put the cabbage, apple and arugula in a bowl, pour a few drops of olive oil, mix and add salt as desired. Then add a handful of chopped almonds and spices as desired. You’ll see this salad is very tasty, and the roasted almonds give it a special taste. That you’ll want to enjoy a delicious cabbage salad with almonds again and again.
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