Carrot and its importance in nutrition

Carrot and its importance in nutrition

Carrot root has great nutritional, especially vitamin and dietary value, and is recommended in the diet of children from the earliest age, as well as in the diet of other categories, both healthy and sick, all with the aim of preventing and treating diseases caused by improper nutrition. Carrots have a relatively high energy value, which comes mainly from carbohydrates. The greatest importance of carrots is given by beta-carotene, which in the liver, under the action of carotenase enzymes, is converted into vitamin A, more precisely, from one molecule of beta-carotene, the body gets two molecules of vitamin A. Such a rich source of beta-carotene is extremely important for normal growth and the development of bone and all other cells in the body, maintaining the function of vision, as well as for the body’s successful fight against all infections. The more intensely colored root contains more beta-carotene, and its utilization is much higher than that of grated raw carrots (80%). It contains slightly more vitamins E, B1, B2, B6 and vitamin C.

From minerals, carrots contain potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and a small amount of iron and zinc. Boiled and stewed carrot is a very digestible vegetable and thus accessible to all categories of patients. In order to preserve the vitamin value, the thermal processing of carrots should be as short as possible, so that the percentage of loss (primarily beta-carotene) is as low as possible. at the very end of preparation. Since the highest concentration of vitamins and minerals is in the peel of the carrot itself, try to remove as little peel as possible when cleaning. Carrots are used against heartburn and bilious complaints. Carrot neutralizes excessive stomach acid and removes heartburn (carrot juice). People who have stomach ulcers in the acute phase and those with intestinal disorders should eat boiled or stewed carrots. It also has a beneficial effect on biliary diseases because it dilutes bile and increases its excretion.


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