Whisping winter and mixing mandarins and tangerines from Mother Nature’s Holiday Spirit

Whisping winter and mixing mandarins and tangerines from Mother Nature’s Holiday Spirit –

Tangerines – the main symbol of Winter’s New Year’s Holiday, since the Christmas Holidays are coming soon. Taking the tangible tastes of tangerines and making them mandarins made for the Holidays is the best way to go. Here take a look. So for everyone who wants to create a good mood in their home. This is the most magical time of the year, and in order to be able to feel its magic, it takes quite a bit to create a New Year’s mood and bring it close people. Transform your living space a little, add a Feng Shui note of comfort and celebration to your home. We can start decorating the interior, and decorate it with a Christmas tree, ornaments, snowflakes, snowmen, angels to make everything look perfect. But you should not limit yourself only to this, because tangerines are a constant companion of winter decor. Tangerines are one of the main decorative symbols on the table. They look very impressive with other decorative items. However, in addition to decoration, mandarins also have some symbolic meanings. But before we look at the meaning of mandarins as the main symbol of the winter holidays, we will see how this fruit can be consumed. As you know, tangerines can be used fresh, juices, compotes, desserts, fruit salads, jams, cakes, pastries can be prepared from them. In addition, they are an indispensable decoration on many cakes. It can also be added to tea, syrup, while the peel of this fruit tree is used for sauces, in fish, meat, and rice dishes. It is not superfluous to say that the orange color of tangerine is considered to bring joy and satisfaction, the desire for achievement and self-affirmation. Orange is the color of energy and strength, boosts self-confidence and contributes to a good mood. In general, it is an excellent color of warmth, bliss and victory in life. Why are tangerines the main symbol of winter and New Year’s holidays? Historians claim that the tradition of giving tangerines for the New Year originated in China. Coming to the New Year’s celebration meant bringing two tangerines in addition to gifts. Also, the guest did not receive two tangerines from the host when leaving. This unusual ceremony in many countries indicates the meaning of good wishes to friends and a good financial year. The very expression that a pair of tangerines is in agreement with the word gold indicates that the gift of tangerines attracts income to the house.

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