Magical Spices – saffron and ginger

Magical Spices – saffron and ginger – Everyone knows the medicinal power of spices. In addition to the fact that spices enrich and beautify our food on a daily basis, we should not forget their primary function as medicinal herbs, whose action should be well known in order to combine them in the right way. Saffron is known as the most expensive spice in the world. The reasons are the short flowering season, only three weeks a year, painstaking picking and production process. As a medicine and a natural color, saffron has been known since ancient times, mentioned in the Bible, glorified in Mesopotamia 5,000 years ago. Today, it is mainly used in the kitchen, which does not make it any less valuable, on the contrary, it is a highly valued spice and is used almost all over the world. Its unique aroma determines the characteristic taste of traditional paella, Italian risotto, lamb and chicken dishes, French fish stew and Indian sweet sauces. When determining the quality of saffron, the most important thing is its ability to color food.

Magical Spices – saffron and ginger

Ginger has been cultivated for centuries and has long been used in the kitchen, but also for medicinal purposes. It arrived on the Old Continent in the ninth century and is one of the oldest non-European spices known in Western European countries. Unlike most herbs, where the above-ground parts are the most aromatic, the secret of ginger’s aroma is hidden underground. Although this part of ginger is usually called the root, it is actually a bulb. This spice is also called a cook’s friend, because it enhances the taste of the sauce and softens the fat of the meat. The possibilities for using ginger are practically unlimited, because it goes well with garlic, citrus fruits, with light chicken, but with fatty meat and vegetables, wine, cheeses, soups and sauces. It can be used in the preparation of sweet and savory dishes, mixed with non-alcoholic or slightly alcoholic drinks. It is an unwritten rule that young ginger should only be peeled and chopped, and the older one, which is more fibrous, should be grated.


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