Roasted peppers

According to the nutritionist’s recommendation, you should eat five kinds of fruits and vegetables a day, so these foods should be constantly changed in order to achieve variety in the diet. Unfortunately, we often forget about paprika, which is necessary for a healthy and balanced diet.
Roasted peppers
Necessary ingredients:
5 kg of fleshy red peppers,
5 dl of oil,
5dl of vinegar,
salt and pepper,
parsley leaf, celery leaf.
Preparation of roasted peppers
Wash and cut the peppers in the oven. Leave them to cool and dry, then clean them from the skin and seeds. In the meantime, mix vinegar, oil, salt, pepper, chopped parsley and celery leaves, then dip each pepper into the sauce prepared in this way and arrange in the prepared jars. When the jars are filled, cover them with a clean a cotton rag and let them stand overnight. The next day, pour the remaining sauce over the peppers, if necessary, add a little more diluted vinegar and connect the jars.

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