Is coconut oil really better than toothpaste?

Is coconut oil really better than toothpaste?
By now you know coconut oil as a health and beauty product that nourishes your body, hair and skin to keep you healthy and beautiful. But now it will also whiten your teeth, that to harm.
Yes , even if you are surprised to know this, but in a recent research it has been proved that coconut oil has all the properties that are in your toothpaste. Apart from keeping your teeth and gums clean, it also gives whiteness, and also gets rid of the bad smell of the mouth.
You must be aware of the many benefits of coconut oil, which include better metabolism, energy, skin, digestive system and many things related to health. But this benefit of coconut oil will be unique for you. You will be surprised to know that coconut oil is used as an oil pulling technique, which is helpful in maintaining freshness by eliminating harmful substances from the mouth.
Apart from this, it keeps your gums healthy and removes the yellowness of teeth and makes them white and shiny. Not only this, it also prevents the damage caused by chemical-laden toothpaste. It acts like a natural toothpaste that covers everything from oral hygiene to dental health.
If you are wondering how to make toothpaste with coconut oil, then we explain how this coconut oil will be beneficial for your teeth, just like toothpaste.
1 For this you do not need to do much, just take the same amount of baking soda in frozen coconut oil as you have taken coconut oil.

  1. Now mix mint, orange or your favorite flavor in this mixture and keep it in a tight jar.
  2. All you have to do now is take this mixture in your tootbrush, and brush just like a normal toothbrush.

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