Best Greek Salad with Classic Dressing

The recipe for a long and healthy life is simple. Vegetables in Best Greek Salad with Classic Dressing are perfectly combined with any products – meat, fish, seafood, mushrooms, cottage cheese, nuts, herbs, eggs.
According to nutritionists, you need to eat fruits and vegetables seven times a day to protect yourself from many serious diseases. Whatever one might say, vegetables are “our everything”, and their variety allows you not to get bored with salads for a lifetime.

Ingredients for Best Greek Salad with Classic Dressing :
Cucumber – 2 pcs.
Tomatoes – 2 pcs. (with dense pulp);
chili pepper- 1 red or yellow;
onion – 1 ;
ripe olives – 20 pcs .;
feta cheese)- 80 – 100 g;
ground oregano – 0.5 small. spoon;
olive oil – 4 dessert spoons;
lemon or lime juice – 1.5 dessert spoons;
Salt and pepper mixture.
Cut cucumber and tomato into arbitrary cubes. If the skin of the vegetables is dense, it must be removed in advance.
Also cut chili pepper .
Cut the onion into thin quarters of rings.
Cut large olives in half, leave small ones whole.
Mix ingredients and put cubes of cheese.
In a separate bowl, whisk together the butter and citrus juice. Add thyme, salt, pepper mixture.
Pour the mixture over the salad.
On top, you can additionally sprinkle the finished snack with a pinch of oregano.

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