Raspberry dessert

Raspberries, like strawberries, taste best while fresh. You will prepare an incredibly simple and irresistible raspberry dessert using integral biscuits and sour cream. Put a layer of crumbled biscuits in a glass or deeper dessert bowl, then add raspberries, sour cream over them and repeat the process until you have used up all the ingredients. You can pour raspberry puree over this dessert. To make raspberry puree, it is enough to mix fresh raspberries in a blender, without added sugar.

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Raspberry pie

Dessert mit Himbeercreme

We need:
250gr. butter
(or margarine)
5 eggs
250 gr. sugar *
1 p. vanilla sugar
300g. flour
1 p.
vanilla pudding powder
2 tsp. baking powder
50 gr. almond petals
fresh raspberries

oven tray 40×35

Beat soft butter with sugar and vanilla sugar. Add eggs one at a time, beat thoroughly. Add pudding powder. Add flour mixed with baking powder. Put the dough on a baking sheet, level it. Put raspberries on top. Sprinkle with almond flakes. We bake ~ 45 minutes at a temperature of 180 C. When serving, sprinkle with powder.

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Raspberry dessert

This is very tasty and simple dessert.
2 packs of frozen eclairs
2 packs of 40% cottage cheese
1 can of condensed milk
1 pack of frozen raspberries

Mix cottage cheese with condensed milk – you can just use a spoon, without a mixer.
In a deep dose or a beautiful salad bowl pour frozen eclairs, pour a mixture of cottage cheese and condensed milk, and pour frozen raspberries on top!
Let stand for 5-6 hours, then spread it into bowls and enjoy an indescribable taste

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