Easy Grilled Veggie

Ingredients for four servings: 150 g zucchini, 120 g red onion, 120 g red pepper, 100 g green pepper, 100 g mozzarella, 80 g eggplant, 60 g milk, 8 cherry tomatoes, marjoram, basil, mint, parsley, olive oil, salt, pepper.

Easy Grilled Veggie

Cut the eggplant into four rings, then divide them in half. Cut the onion into eight pieces, and each paprika into eight strips. Cut the zucchini into twelve rings, pour the vegetables into a bowl, season with a little oil, a little salt, a few leaves of chopped mint, marjoram and parsley. Arrange the vegetables on four wooden sticks and grill for a few minutes on each side. In the meantime, mix the mozzarella with milk and 30 g of oil, 3 basil leaves, a little salt and pepper, so that you get a compact sauce that you will serve with easy grilled veggie. It is an ideal combination with dry white wine that has a pronounced aroma.

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