How Foods May Affect Our Sleep

How Foods May Affect Our Sleep? It is known that healthy sleep depends on many factors, including food. So many different things can disturb our sleep. At the very least, we need dinner to be against night rest, because what I eat in the evening can directly affect our night rest. The characteristics of today’s way of life are going to bed late, getting up early during the work week, stress, and a busy weekend. During sleep, the body rests and recovers. It has long been known that lack of sleep accelerates the appearance of signs of aging and increases the likelihood of developing diseases that come with age. So provide yourself with enough sleep, and the recommendation is at least seven hours of quality sleep.

How Foods May Affect Our Sleep

It is well known that a heavy dinner just before bedtime can cause insomnia. Make your dinner always light. Increased bowel function late at night is a common cause of insomnia. The schedule of meals during the day is also very important, which means that the evening meal should be two to three hours before going to bed.
Food that promotes sleep
Almonds are great for the evening. They contain magnesium which promotes good sleep and relaxes muscles. It will supply you with proteins that can help maintain a stable blood sugar level while you sleep. Try eating a handful of almonds for an evening meal to relax your body.

Avoiding caffeine in the evening is key, but some decaffeinated teas can help you fall asleep. Chamomile tea is very useful, as is green tea. It is a good choice because it contains tannin which helps you become sleepy. Just be sure that green tea is decaffeinated if you drink it in the evening. Experts recommend a cup of tea before bed.

If you can’t sleep, eat a banana before going to bed. It is a great source of magnesium and potassium that help you relax. It also contains tryptophan, which is converted in the brain into serotonin and melatonin, which are key hormones for calming.

Dairy products, yogurt, milk and cheese do not contain tryptophan, but they also have surprising properties when it comes to sleep. Calcium is effective in reducing stress and stabilizing nerve fibers, including those in the brain. This means that yogurt before going to bed helps you stop worrying about work and fall asleep easier.

If you like to eat oatmeal for breakfast, it can help you rest better. It is warm, soft, soothing, very easy to prepare, cheap and quite nutritious. It is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, silicon and potassium, but watch the amount of sugar. Too much sugar before bed can have an anti-soothing effect. Instead, consider adding fruits such as bananas.


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