Make your own herbal shampoo

How to make herbal shampoo at home? Most hair care products, as well as most cosmetics in general, although they are often stated to be 100% natural, contain many artificial additives, dyes, preservatives that harm hair and overall health. Artificial additives in these products destroy hair, cause irritation, dandruff, naturally disturb the flora of the scalp, make hair too oily or too dry. From shampoos for daily washing to those with different scents and effects on our hair, the choices are great. We often do not pay attention to the fact that they are full of artificial additives and chemicals that can only damage the hair in the end. A great alternative to this are homemade shampoos made from several natural ingredients, some of which you probably already have in your kitchen. Homemade shampoos are made from natural substances, so if they combine well, they are better than purchased ones.

How to make a homemade herbal shampoo

What do you need for an herbal homemade shampoo? Although it will not be as thick as those you buy, homemade shampoo will nourish your hair and hair with its rich natural composition. Since this shampoo is extremely gentle, it may seem to you that you have not washed your hair well after washing, but everything is fine, only your hair is not deprived of its natural oils this time. To make a homemade herbal shampoo, you need the following ingredients:
260 ml of water
about 100ml of liquid natural base for shampoos, odorless
2 tablespoons of dried herbs of your choice, for example, lavender, mint, etc.
60 drops of essential oil of your choice (orange, lavender, etc.)
If you have dry hair then olive oil or jojoba oil should be added.
Homemade herbal shampoo is prepared by first making an herbal infusion. Pour hot water over the dried plants, cover and let stand for 3 to 4 hours. Strain, then add the other ingredients to the liquid and the shampoo is ready. You must shake the shampoo bottle every time you use it, because the contents will naturally separate in the meantime.

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