Have you used any of these oils?

Have you used any of these oils?

 Eucalyptus oil: Helps to clear mucus from the respiratory passages. Sprinkle a few drops on your handkerchief or pillow case to inhale. Add oil in to hot water and inhale the steam rising.
 Peppermint oil: If you have a tension headache, use this because it dulls the pain receptors. You can follow the steam treatment to get instant relief from headaches. Consuming peppermint oil in recommended doses also helps reduce stomach discomfort.
 Jasmine oil: Acts as a natural anti-depressant and also helps you focus. This is mostly used in aromatherapy. The scent of the oil soothes the region of the brain responsible for emotions.

Have you used any of these oils?
 Clove-bud oil: It has analgesic and antibacterial properties which help it effective to treat pain in the mouth. It also neutralizes bad breath. Put a drop of the oil in the affected area in your mouth however be sure not to swallow it.
 Tea-tree oil: It has antimicrobial properties and minimizes bacteria responsible for pimples. It also helps treat dandruff. Mix this oil with your shampoo and use it till dandruff disappears.
 Lavender oil: It calms the nervous system and relieves sore muscles. You can use this oil and massage the entire body for relief. Add a few drops to your bath tub!

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