Chicken broth soup

Chicken broth soup:

1kg – 1.5 kg of chicken meat

2 onions cut in quarters

4 l of cold water

2 carrots (cut into large pieces)

2 celeries (stalks with leaves, root also can be used)

1 handful parsley

Thyme, salt

and pepper



Place the meat and onions in the bottom of a large c

ooking pot and dry fry

(fry without oil or fat) for a little while, until

it changes color.


Add water and stir well to mix up the sediment at th

e bottom of the pot.

Heat it up to boiling. Use a spoon to skim off any im

purities that rise to the



Add all remaining ingredients, partially cover the p

ot and cook over

medium heat for about 3 hours.

4. Strain and leave it to cool down. Removed meat a

nd vegetables can be

served as delicious lunch (or dinner). Place broth in

the fridge. When

completely cooled, a layer of fat will appear at th

e surface. Remove it with


Tips: The only difference between chicken soup and chicken broth is in

straining process. If you want to make a chicken soup,

just skip the straining step, finely chop meat and vegetables and you will get a great soup to serve up for lunch or dinner. Strained soup – chicken broth (or stock) can be used as ingredient in many other dishes.

Adapted from  cookbook.


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