Immunity Booster Drink: Increase immunity power with the help of these healthy home-made drinks

Immunity Booster Drinks: Along with a healthy diet, immunity booster drinks are also needed to boost immunity. Immunity booster healthy drinks have also been talked about in Ayurveda.

Jamu Indonesian herbal beverage with natural ingredients turmeric, ginger on white background. Credit:Svetlana-Cherruty

Immunity Booster Drink: Many types of health problems can be got rid of when the immunity power of the body is strong. When immunity is strong, the body can be protected from viral infection. Problems like cold, cough and fever do not bother people with strong immunity quickly. Even in the Corona era, it has been said repeatedly to make immunity strong. To boost immunity, along with a healthy diet, immunity booster drinks are also needed. Immunity booster healthy drinks have also been talked about in Ayurveda. You can also make these immunity-strengthening drinks at home. Let us tell you about immunity booster drinks.

Meat tajine is a moroccan dish in sauce with dried fruits like prunes, apricot and toppings with almonds Credit:Elena_Sistaliuk

Dry fruits and almonds

are dry fruits, which are commonly used in any home preparation. People also eat it dry as dry fruit. Consumption of dates and almonds is also considered very beneficial to increase immunity. Immunity can be boosted by drinking almonds and dates mixed with milk.

Glasses with fresh organic vegetable and fruit juices. Detox diet Credit:monticelllo

Beet, Lemon and Carrot Juice
Beetroot, lemon and carrot are very good for the body. By consuming them, the lack of blood in the body is fulfilled. Also immunity is strengthened. At the same time, lemon also keeps stomach related diseases away.

Ingredients for orange turmeric drink on grey concrete background. Lemon water with ginger, curcuma, black pepper. Vegan hot drink concept. Credit:jchizhe

Hot water of lemon, black pepper and turmeric
flushes out toxins from the body. At the same time, it also keeps the weight under control. Drinking hot water mixed with lemon juice, black pepper powder and turmeric boosts the immunity of the body.

Golden milk with fresh ginger and turmeric Credit:Sarah Biesinger

Turmeric Milk
Turmeric is known for its antiseptic and antibiotic properties and milk is a source of calcium as well as elixir for the body and mind. However, when the qualities of both are combined, this combination proves to be even better. It boosts the immunity of the body. 

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