Health Tips: Onion

Health Tips: Onion

Onion is a treasure trove of properties, protects beauty and health
Although onions are eaten with vegetables, lentils and salads, but apart from these, there are many miraculous remedies for onions. Many types of minor diseases are also cured by the use of onion. The use of onion relieves many diseases.

Onion is the best home medicine to cure many diseases from Ayurvedic point of view. Onion is used in every household every day. Onion enhances the taste of pulses, vegetables and many types of fast food, etc. We also consume onion in the form of salad. Apart from this, many medicinal properties of onion have been told in Ayurveda, which are miraculous.

of Onion In Ayurveda, onion is called Palandu. Protein 1.2%, carbohydrate 11.6%, and calcium, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin C are found in onion. According to Ayurveda, onion can be used on the body both externally and internally and can get immense benefits from it.

Antipyretic Onion
Onion is used to cure fever. If a person is having fever, then such person should boil onion leaves in a glass of water until it becomes half. After cooling it and drinking it gives instant relief in fever.

People who have diabetes
they should grind onion, celery, fenugreek seeds and fenugreek seeds in equal quantity and consume one teaspoon each regularly. With this, the problem of diabetes will always be controlled.

Remove the phlegm, by
consuming onion, the accumulated phlegm becomes thin and comes out easily. For this, after heating the onion lightly, extract its juice and add some sugar to it. Give one spoon of this juice to a child suffering from phlegm and two spoons to the elder.

If there is any kind of skin related problem like boils, pimples or if there is a lump in any place in the body or if there is a problem of itching in the skin, then apply onion juice on the affected area, you will get rid of skin related diseases.
If the skin burns due to any reason, then immediately applying onion juice on the affected area reduces the burning sensation. If there are burn marks anywhere on the skin.
By applying a paste of onion in that place, that mark gradually disappears. Onion also proves to be infallible in removing toothache.
In case of worm in the tooth and swelling of the gums, mixing equal quantity of onion and fennel seeds and filling it in a chillum and taking its smoke provides relief from both the problems.

Onion is miraculous for hair

If a person loses some of the hair on the middle of the head due to infection or the hair of the beard falls off, for them onion is nothing less than a miracle. In such a situation, after mixing honey in onion juice and applying it on the affected area, the hair gradually comes back in a few days.
If there is dandruff in the hair, apply the juice of onion leaves and the juice of datura leaves together, the dandruff will end. Apart from this, apply gooseberry juice, aloe vera juice with onion juice to bring shine to the hair, the hair will shine.

There are many more benefits

If centipede (a type of worm) has entered someone’s ear, then by putting the juice of onion and garlic in the ear, it comes out immediately.
In case of epileptic attack, if the onion is crushed and smelled immediately, the patient gets immediate relief.
If blood comes from the nose, mix the juice of cowpea grass with the juice of white onion and put two drops in the nose, bleeding will stop immediately.
Warming onion juice and putting it in the ear provides instant relief from earache.
If there is pain in the stomach, then mixing asafetida and black salt with onion juice gives great relief.


For how many days, which person should take the amount of onion, definitely get information from a specialist.

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