Health with Ayurveda

Health with Ayurveda –

The human body is constantly burning up calories to make fuel for the body to keep going. Our age, gender and size – all affect our metabolic rate but there are other factors also can help speed up the metabolic rate. Some people have a slower metabolic rate than others. The faster our metabolism, the more calories we burn and the lesser storage of fat!

Here are a few ways to speed up the metabolic rate:

Sleep: Not getting enough sleep slows down the metabolism.
Green tea: Green tea speeds up the metabolism to a large extent.
Don’t miss breakfast: Breakfast gives the much needed kick-start to metabolism, so, it should never be skipped.
Drink water: Drinking enough water is a good way to speed up metabolism. Drink it lukewarm!
Add spice to your food: Pepper contains capsaicin which speeds up metabolism.
Eat enough: If you eat a lot or eat a lot less it slows down your metabolism!
Fibre: Eat more fibre and less of white starch.
Eat protein: Your body protests the lack of lean protein with a sluggish metabolism.
Increase the workout intensity: Intense exercises burn a lot of calories and keep the metabolic rate up.

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