Frozen lemons

Frozen lemons are great! Find out why you should try keeping them in your fridge!

Some life skills have been around for centuries but we don’t know about them. Freezing lemons is among them. You’ve probably never tried to freeze lemons right after you buy them at the supermarket. But it will probably change after this and we will explain to you why! Read on and you’ll find out everything you need to know.

Lemon is a great fruit

It’s no surprise that lemons are one of the most popular fruits around the world. Adding a few drops of lemon juice makes food fresher and produces a more interesting flavor profile. Without a doubt, lemon juice is also very popular as a drink when combined with other juices or alcoholic beverages. And there’s also lemon pie and lemon curd, a delicious snack that combines sweetness with the refreshing tartness of this delicious citrus fruit. Are you also a fan of lemons? Let’s find out why freezing it is a good idea.

Freeze lemons

Have you ever wondered if you should freeze lemons? Go to the next page to find out why freezing lemons is a great idea!

Eat lemons

Lemons are typically not eaten as a snack since they have a sour and sharp taste. Freezing it should make the fruit more suitable for snacking since the cold temperature reduces the sour taste found in the fruit. As you probably already know, lemons are very healthy and offer many medicinal benefits such as the Vitamin C contained in them boosts the immune system and helps your body fight infections. It also contains ingredients that help prevent cancer, control blood pressure and it is even considered very helpful for mental health, as it helps prevent stress and depression.

Lemon peel

The reason why frozen lemons have a different flavor than lemons stored at room temperature is due to their acidity level. Freezing lemons reduces this acidity, which is why they have a noticeably less sour taste. The acidity will only return when the fruit thaws. Please note that lemon peel contains 5 to 10 times (1) more vitamins than lemon juice, which is why you should use it instead of throwing it away. Frozen lemon peels taste amazing, just make sure you wash them thoroughly before storing them in the fridge!

Lemon skin 

Lemon peels add a unique refreshing flavor to foods and drinks. Just sprinkle some on salad, ice cream, or spaghetti and enjoy. Make sure the lemon is completely frozen before putting it on your food because the frozen lemon skin has a better taste than the normal skin. More and more families are taking advantage of this cooking trick, so make sure you don’t miss out and try it yourself!

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