Lucky foods to eat on New Year’s Day


Lucky foods to eat on New Year’s Day

According to some old traditions and beliefs, there exist some food items which brings good luck in the next year, if eaten on the New Year’s Day! This is a list of lucky foods which you can add to your New Year’s menu to have a healthy and wealthy year ahead!

Lucky foods to eat on New Year’s Day

  1. Lentils
    On New Year’s Day, people eat lentils in Italy! That is because it is believed that lentils can bring wealth and prosperity in the coming year. People believe in this fact because the lentils look like Roman coins! So, add it to your party menu and become rich!
  2. Black-eyed peas
    According to some southern traditions, black-eyed peas are considered lucky foods! Some people call it lucky because these peas helped people survive during the Civil War, others say that the black-eyed peas resemble money, so they are meant to bring good luck! No matter what the reason is, one thing about which we are very sure is that your guests will love the dishes made with these peas, so, cook and serve it with love!
  3. Grapes
    It is believed that if you eat 12 grapes at exact 12 am on the New Year’s Day, it will bring good luck in your life for the next 12 months! Well, this is not so easy as it seems like because if you eat any sour grape, it is said that it can cause your month to be sour as well!
  4. Fish
    Good news for fish lovers! Fish is considered lucky if eaten on the New Year’s Day! Fish is a symbol of good fortune for a lot of reasons. The fish scales look like coins in a wallet. So, we think that it is a good reason to have fish on 1st January!
  5. Noodles
    In many Asian nations, people believe that eating noodles on the New Year’s Day will lengthen their life as noodles are long, people believe they resemble long life! But, there’s a condition for that! You need to eat the noodles completely and not break them before they are fully in your mouth!
  6. Cornbread
    Cornbread symbolizes gold, which is why it is considered lucky! To get extra luck, some people also add corn kernels, honey and butter as a topping on their cornbreads! So, grab a bite of this delectable food and get some good luck!
  7. Ring-shaped cakes
    The idea behind eating a ring-shaped cake is that the year has come with a full circle! Time has no definite beginning or an end and the calendar keeps going around. So, it is believed that eating a round cake on New Year’s Day will bring good luck. In some countries, a coin is placed in the centre of the cake and whoever finds it gets luckier!

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