Useful properties of apples

Useful properties of apples – It contains fructose, vitamin C, B vitamins, magnesium, potassium and two dozen other compounds. Fructose fills the body with quick energy and increases the supply of nutrients to the brain cells. This is helped by vitamin B5, which ensures the absorption of sugars and fats. Vitamin C quickly decomposes and removes toxins from the body.

There are many useful substances in apples: fiber and pectins of apples improve digestion, potassium helps in the functioning of the kidneys, iron regulates hematopoiesis, and vitamins A, C, E, P, B vitamins, as well as manganese, copper and herbal antibiotics-phytoncides increase immunity and strengthen the body’s defenses. It is not for nothing that the British say that two apples a day drive the doctor away. But you should eat these fruits of your strip, and you should refuse from beautiful store-bought apples with a wax coating – the benefits of them are much less. With prolonged storage, apples lose their useful adaptogenic properties, an imbalance occurs. The natural benefits of the fruit can only be preserved by making apple cider vinegar.

Scientists believe that regular consumption of apples contributes to longevity and rejuvenation of the body. So, the researchers found in them a substance that rejuvenates the heart, improves blood circulation and increases immunity. Also apples are 85% water and help the body to replenish the loss of fluid.

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Useful properties of apples

In total, there are 7.5 thousand varieties of apples, each of which has its own advantages. Yellow apples are traditionally considered the sweetest and most juicy. They are great for culinary use. The most popular of them is Golden Delicious. These are golden-yellow fruits with a yellowish-white flesh that does not darken for a long time. Red apples are usually crunchy with a mild sweet taste. Popular variety Red Delicious. Green apples are the healthiest ones – hard, juicy fruits with a pleasant sourness. Ideal in hot weather, they quench thirst well, green apples make the most delicious filling for pies. 

It is better to eat apples right with the peel, because all the nutrients are right under it. However, it should be borne in mind that some people may experience gas formation due to the peel. The peel contains a lot of healthy fiber that stimulates the intestines, but nitrates or pesticides can build up. Therefore, apples bought in a store, and even out of season, are best peeled.

The beneficial properties of apples are due to the content of many vitamins and minerals in them to strengthen the nervous system. Vitamins A, C and E strengthen the immune system and help the body cope with stress. Apples contain many B vitamins, which are essential for the nervous system to function. Vitamin C increases the production of free radicals that prevent skin aging.

Apples contain intestinal ballast substances. In the old days, grated apple was used to treat diarrhea. The ballast substances of apples do an excellent job with intestinal bacteria.

One apple contains 2 grams of glucose and 5.7 grams of fructose, which give the body energy. With one apple, about 480 mg of iron enters the body, which prevents the occurrence of anemia. To prevent anemia, prick the apple with a fork in several places in the evening, and eat it in the morning. This oxidized iron is better absorbed. Or squeeze the juice from the apples and leave for 2-3 hours in a wide bowl.

The benefits of apples are also evidenced by the fact that they do not get fat. There are many apple-based diets. In addition, apples have a mild diuretic effect, and low calorie content and an abundance of fructose quickly make you feel full.

American scientists have also shown that apples are better than other fruits and vegetables in lowering blood cholesterol levels. Eat 2 apples a day, and your cholesterol level will return to normal in 2.5 – 3 months.

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Adapted from krasota-i-zdorove/poleznye-svoystva-yablok

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