An Easy Christmas Dinner That Fits Into Your Christmas Day

If you want the focus of your Christmas day to be on time with family and friends (oh, and opening a gift or two), turn to this easy, streamlined menu. The centerpiece is filet mignons surrounded by jewel-colored roasted vegetables, with frisée salad and creamy smashed roasted potatoes on the side. It finishes with a snowy white chocolate mousse that’s fun to dress up with seasonal garnishes (try pomegranate seeds and pistachios for a particularly festive look). With just a couple quick prep tasks in advance, and some hands-off roasting two hours out, the bulk of the cooking happens in the last 30 minutes.

Menu Timeline
One Day Ahead
Make the base for the white chocolate mousse.
In the Morning
Finish and refrigerate the white chocolate mousse.
Assemble the salad but do not dress it.
Two Hours Ahead
Start the beets for the Jewel-Roasted Vegetables.
90 Minutes Ahead
Begin roasting the Brussels sprouts and carrots for the Jewel-Roasted Vegetables.
30 Minutes Ahead
Begin making the smashed potatoes.
Make the sauce for the Seared Filet Mignon.
20 Minutes Ahead
Sear and Roast the Filet Mignons.
Toss together the Jewel-Roasted Vegetables.
Dress the salad.

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