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National Cinnamon Day – November 1, 2021

November 1 is National Cinnamon Day, and we are excited to be celebrating one of the world’s ancient spices. Did you know that cinnamon, according to Chinese medicine, can be used to treat illnesses both minor and major? Cinnamon has been around for over 4,000 years! No wonder we can get a lot of healthiness out of it.


National Cinnamon Day celebrates one of the most popular holiday spices. It is quite impossible to think of the holidays without the aroma of cinnamon popping into one’s head. From cookies, rolls, and teas to pies and chocolates, cinnamon exists in almost every holiday snack, meal, and beverage.

McCormick spices founded National Cinnamon Day in 2019. The holiday encourages us to make new memories and share the warmth cinnamon brings with it. It is dedicated to celebrating the versatile nature of cinnamon by highlighting its deliciousness and plethora of health benefits.

Cinnamon is obtained from the dried inner bark of several tree species in the Laurel family (‘Lauraceae’). We use the sticks or the powder form for everything consumable. Even though initially hidden for market gains, cinnamon has been around for very long, even though there are many myths and theories surrounding how it is sourced.

Presently, Indonesia and China are the major producers, making up for 70% of the worldwide production. At the same time, the rest of the world focuses on creating new recipes, finding new uses, and exploring the health benefits of cinnamon. The world has generated the many directions of cinnamon; from producing to consuming to selling — it is a commodity everywhere.


2000 B.C.Made its Way to Egypt

The moment it reaches Egypt, they use it for embalming their mummies.

600 B.C.Hidden Gem

The main source of cinnamon is still unknown to the vast majority of the Western world.

1270First Known Source

A Persian physician discovers that the spice grows in Sri Lanka.

1767Cinnamon Estates

The British establish the largest cinnamon estates in India.


Can cinnamon help me lose weight?

Some fad diets have sworn on their successful weight loss journey using cinnamon. We won’t dispute it as we have not tried it, but we encourage you to ask your doctor first. 

Can I take cinnamon every day?

A cinnamon tea today, a cinnamon toast tomorrow… spice up your daily foods with a healthy amount of cinnamon.

What can I make with cinnamon?

What CAN’T you make with cinnamon? Cinnamon is a versatile spice that you can use in most, if not all, food recipes! Try a new food recipe with cinnamon to see just how versatile it is.


  1. Cook with cinnamon Luckily for us, cinnamon goes with and into almost everything. Spend this holiday looking up recipes that have cinnamon as an ingredient and try them out. Invite your family and friends to have a taste of the spicy holiday.
  2. Buy cinnamon If you’re feeling lazy, go to your local store and stock up on cinnamon spices, snacks, or foods. We are quite aware no one ever runs out of cinnamon, but it’s always good to have more.
  3. Invite friends to a tea party Cinnamon makes things better in so many ways, and using it in tea is one of them. It gives this warm fuzzy feeling that we are all about. Make your tea and your day better by adding a little bit of cinnamon.


  1. Only for the highflyersIt was so expensive; it became a gift only for monarchs and deities.
  2. It was kept in the closetIts source was kept a secret by spice traders to maintain a monopoly as suppliers.
  3. Cinnamon birdsA famous myth suggests cinnamon birds construct their nest with cinnamon sticks they collect from an unknown place.
  4. It costs an arm and a legA Roman pound of cinnamon was worth the wage of 50 months’ labor.
  5. Funeral pyresIt was used for its scent when cremating the dead in Rome — Roman Emperor Nero burned a year’s supply at his wife’s funeral.


  1. Health benefits Cinnamon has been linked to a couple of health benefits. Some health practitioners advise taking cinnamon in warm water first thing in the morning as it has anti-inflammatory properties. Improve your health with fewer pills and more organic spice.
  2. It smells nice We love the smell of cinnamon and the tingly taste, so we love any day dedicated to doing everything cinnamon. Cinnamon gives us this aroma that makes people feel welcomed, calm, and bougie, and we absolutely love it!
  3. The Cinnamon Challenge In 2016, the world decided to give us a trend, but this time they made it CINNAMOtic! A social media trend made waves with people consuming a spoonful of cinnamon. It ended in tears, and we enjoyed every bit of this hilarious trend. National Cinnamon Day gives us an opportunity to enact this silly trend and much more.

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