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Potatoes are the main attraction in these 6 recipes for stuffed, saucy spuds

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By Becky KrystalToday at 10:00 a.m. EDT

Especially on a harried weeknight, I’m a firm believer in the premise that you can put just about anything you want on a baked potato and call it dinner.

Those toppings can easily be cobbled together from a variety of leftovers, whether meat or vegetable. My former colleague Kara Elder shared some great ideas here a few years ago. But it’s also more than fine to approach the potato-as-dinner concept from the ground up — that is, choosing a recipe that starts with spuds as the foundation.Do you know what’s for dinner? Get our Eat Voraciously newsletter, and let us help.

The potatoes can be whole with a fluffy interior. Or maybe you’re more into crispy wedges or slices. Russet or sweet? No matter where you fall on these very important preferences, you’ll find something to like in these recipes from our archives.

A friendly reminder that you can turn baked potatoes into an excellent dinner

Spiced Tahini Loaded Sweet Potatoes, above. Hollowed-out sweet potato halves cradle the mashed flesh mixed with a tahini dressing, all under a pile of crispy chickpeas and crunchy, tart pomegranate seeds.

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Roasted Potato Wedges With Black Bean ChiliHere’s another bean-and-potato option, but this time you get big wedges of Yukon Gold or russets with a zesty chili made with canned beans and jarred salsa.

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Sweet Potato Planks With Chicken, Spinach and Peanut SauceWhere you might consider toast, Ellie Krieger offers thin, slightly caramelized slices of sweet potato. On top is tender chicken, spinach and an enticing peanut dressing. For another sweet potato dish, check out Crispy Sweet Potatoes With Tuna-Anchovy Mayonnaise.

A guide to sweet potato varieties: How to choose, prep and store them

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Greek-ish Potato Nachos. I’m not sure who wouldn’t want to dig into this extremely fun dish, another winner from Ellie, straight off the sheet pan.

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Buffalo Chicken PotatoesIt’s basically Buffalo chicken dip but mixed with baked potatoes — in other words, just the thing to sit down with in front of televised sports.

Hot Buffalo chicken dip is an unapologetic and nostalgic dish

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Sweet Potato Crunch GratinsFor more of a hash-brown experience, try a bed of shredded potatoes and parsnips in a gratin dish. Black beans are part of the topping, as they are in Loaded Baked Sweet Potatoes With Cajun Seasoning.

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