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12 Simple and Very Delicious Specials for Halloween Menus

You can add Halloween spirit to our all favorite barbecue specialties, side dishes, snacks and appetizers with little touches… 

1. Let’s start with the main dishes that both children and adults will love. A terribly delicious specialty; Monster burger for Halloween! 

How about a delicious burger that turns into a monster with black bread, a thick hamburger patty, sharp teeth made of cheddar cheese, ketchup flowing like blood, and scary jelly beans?

2. Keep up the Halloween burgers! This devilish burger that will steal your heart with lots of hot sauce and colorful peppers…

You can make horns by sticking red peppers into the bread and of course lots of tomatoes, ketchup or hot sauce for the blood effect!

3. And with our final idea, we’re putting our love of burgers aside for now: we’re adapting Halloween’s famous carved pumpkins for Cheeseburger. 

Put a pair of triangular eyes on the burger bun, place a sprig of pepper on top, and proudly present your Halloween Burger with pointed teeth made from cheddar cheese!

4th place is our fun Halloween Hot Dog specials. So easy to prepare and creepy: Bloody finger sausage!

Shape the ends of nails with a small, sharp knife. Make scratches representing the finger folds and give the final touch to the sausages you put on the bread with lots of ketchup!

5. The little ones will especially love the delicious and cute mummy sausages!

We fill the sausages with strips that we cut from milfoy dough and make eyes from cream cheese and black peppercorns. In the sauce bowl, we put ketchup and give it a spider web shape with mustard. Simple and creative!

6. What about the big ones? A little ketchup is all it takes to add Halloween spirit to the steaks you cook at nearly every barbecue party.

If you have Pumpkin with Parmesan on the side, you can’t imagine a more delicious Halloween menu!

7. And Sosy’s favorite: Halloween Pizza! 

Grated pumpkin on crimson tomato sauce, slices of cheese cut into ghost shapes, and ghostly faces in black peppercorns! The intruder on the pizza is spiders made from black olives. 

 Tip: If your cheese melts and changes shape after the pizza is cooked, you can smooth it out with a few small touches with the tip of a knife or toothpick.  

8. You can also prepare small snacks with olive spiders…

Crispy the square breads on the grill and drizzle with tomato sauce. Make a small spider web from the cheddar cheese you cut into strips and grill some more. Once the cheeses have melted, take them off the grill and place the spiders made with black olives on top of the bread.

9. Our skulls are made from barbecued potatoes…

Shape the potatoes before roasting them and enjoy the dreaded shrunken faces after cooking. 

10. Let us introduce you to the cutest form of mashed potatoes.

Squeeze the mashed potatoes with the cream piping bag and place them in the middle of the table, making eyes with the peas!

11. Another snack suggestion that is very easy to prepare; witch’s broom cheeses!

Roll up the cheddar slices and cut off the ends into strips. Attach the parsley stalks to the pretzels and you can start flying! 

12. And finally, a great flavor to add a little Halloween spirit to all main dishes: Pumpkin rice balls!

Add some carrot juice flavor to the usual rice rice and garnish with a face of black olives! The recipe is below.

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