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Our 53 Favorite Salmon Recipes for No-Stress Meals

Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Anna Stockwell

All of our favorite weeknight-ready salmon recipes—roasted, poached, broiled, grilled, and more.


September 13, 2021

Finding a nice piece of salmon means dinner is sure to be good, as long as you start with one of these salmon recipes from the Epicurious archives. Whether you prefer the never-fail slow roast, a quick blast in the broiler, grilled salmon fillets, or easy pan-fried salmon patties, you’ll likely find your new favorite fish dinner in the list below. (Here’s some more good news: You can make these recipes with arctic char too or follow this guide for other fish substitutions.) Salmon can be prepared truly simply—a little olive oil and lemon might be all you need to help a fresh fillet shine—but it also takes well to bold flavor. Match it with whole lemons or Thai curry paste, harissa, honey and soy, or any of the other flavor combos in our best salmon recipes. Keep an eye on the fish as it cooks and you’re sure to have a delicious meal.

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  • Photo of Salmon Croquettes with Dill Yogurt Sauce.Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Liza Jernow4/53Salmon Croquettes With Dill SauceThis simple, budget-friendly salmon cakes start with canned salmon, which is a handy pantry staple to have around. They’re also made without much filler, just a little egg to bind and celery and onion for crunch and flavor. They take only five minutes to cook on each side, so it’s a speedy supper that’s ideal for a weeknight.GET THIS RECIPE
  • A white bowl with pieces of salmon spiced chickpeas sliced radishes and greens.Photo by Alex Lau, Prop Styling by Elizabeth Jaime, Food Styling by Sue Li5/53Lemony Salmon and Spiced ChickpeasThis quick salmon dish, flavored with a garlicky za’atar dressing, proves that meals are better in bowl form. Add radishes, chickpeas, and arugula, then drizzle the dressing over it all.GET THIS RECIPE
  • White serving platter on a granite countertop filled with salmon asparagus and escarole salad with elegant wooden salad...Photo by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Anna Stockwell6/53Lemon-Roasted Salmon with Escarole, Asparagus, and PotatoesYou’re going to want to eat this warm salmon salad with veggies every day. And you can—because it’s so easy to make. Check for doneness around 20 minutes; you may want to keep cooking it for longer if you like your salmon more well done. No side dish needed here; it’s a whole meal on a platter. (Though if you’re not keeping things low-carb, you could certainly serve some bread on the side.)GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Plant Food Dish Meal Vegetable Produce Seasoning and SaladPhoto by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Simon Andrews7/53Spicy Salmon Teriyaki with Steamed Bok ChoyYou don’t have to treat your salmon gingerly when making this easy weeknight recipe. Just toss large pieces of salmon in cornstarch before cooking and they’ll develop a delicate crust that really grabs onto the spicy-sweet teriyaki glaze.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Food Dish Meal Plant Platter and ProducePhoto by Alex Lau8/53Salmon with Hot Sauce Vinaigrette and Pickled VegA kicky chile-lime dressing wakes up this easy weeknight salmon dinner. The pickles are just crunchy sliced vegetables, seasoned with salt and tossed with rice vinegar. GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Plant Food Produce Cutlery Spoon Dish Meal and VegetablePhoto by Laura Edwards9/53Salmon Confit with Lime, Juniper, and FennelConfiting salmon fillets in olive oil makes their flesh extravagantly tender and silky. You don’t have to tell anyone how simple it is to cook such perfect fish—it’s a stealth easy salmon recipe.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Salmon fillet on a bed of rice with amber glaze topped with sesame seeds sliced scallions and a lime wedge.Photo by Emma Fishman, Food Styling by Rebecca Jurkevich10/53Miso-Glazed Salmon With Sushi RiceTo get this fish deeply flavorful and perfectly cooked, season skin-on salmon fillets with salt and cook, skin side down, shaking the pan occasionally, until the skin is very crisp and deep golden brown. Turn it over and cook a little more—just until flesh is very lightly browned. Then you’ll add the glaze, which is made with maple syrup, miso, tamari,  red pepper flakes, and unseasoned rice vinegar.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Plant Food Vegetable and AsparagusPhoto by Chelsea Kyle, food styling by Rhoda Boone11/53Baked Mustard-Crusted Salmon with Asparagus and TarragonBaking salmon (spread with country-style or whole-grain Dijon mustard) in a low-temperature oven for about 15 minutes results in a wonderfully moist fillet, every single time. Fish dinner ideas don’t really get easier than this—and everyone will be impressed by how perfectly you cooked the salmon.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Plant Food Dish and MealPhoto by Chelsea Kyle, Prop and Food Styling by Ali Nardi32/53Salmon with Caper-Anchovy ButterButter flavored with garlic, anchovies, capers, lemon juice, and parsley makes quickly broiled salmon fillets extra enticing. (And it’s much easier than making a garlic butter sauce.) Make the butter ahead and stash it in the freezer to cut down on last minute prep time.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Photo of salted salmon recipe shioyaki shown with natto and miso soup.33/53Salted SalmonThis recipe for salted salmon is excerpted from Maori Murota’s Tokyo Cult Recipes. The method, called shioyaki, can be adapted to fish collars as well.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Smoked Salmon Tartines with Fried CapersPhoto by Michael Graydon and Nikole Herriott34/53Smoked Salmon Tartines With Fried CapersReady-made hot-smoked salmon turns into a meal when you score a loaf of dark bread and some sour cream (and fry up a handful of capers until crispy).GET THIS RECIPE
  • Three skewers stacked on a plate with a small bowl filled with a redtinged spice mix for sprinkling.donna hay magazine, photography by Benjamin Dearnley35/53Miso-Glazed Salmon SkewersWith a sprinkling of spice, these simple broiled salmon skewers make an impressive appetizer.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Cutlery Fork Food Dish Meal Confectionery Sweets and PlantPhoto by Christopher Hirsheimer40/53Salmon in a Bengali Mustard SauceThe robust flavor of salmon can stand up to even the most flavor-packed sauce. This one is bold and bright with ground mustard, cayenne, fresh chiles, turmeric, cumin, and fennel. Just don’t forget to cook up a pot of fluffy basmati rice to enjoy alongside.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Food Plant and EggJohnny Miller41/53Pastrami SalmonWant to make your dinnertime salmon taste as delicious as your favorite deli sandwich? An easy spice rub is all you need.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Top view of charred salmon fillet and broccolini covered in citrus chile sauce on a grey plate on marble surface.Photo by Chelsie Craig42/53Salmon With Citrus-Chile SauceLayers of bright citrus (grapefruit) and gentle heat (jalapeño) add tons of flavor without weighing down this one-skillet dish finished with charred broccolini and endive.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Dish with yellow sauce and basil leaves over grilled salmonPhoto by Alex Lau, Prop Styling by Amy Wilson, Food Styling by Susie Theodorou43/53Crispy-Skinned Salmon with Whole Lemon–Sesame SauceIn this grilled salmon recipe, the fish gets a bath in one of our favorite sauces. Adding an entire lemon—skin, pith, and flesh—to the sauce provides brightness and texture. Any bitterness from the pith is offset by the sesame oil and honey.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Burger and FoodPhoto by Chelsea Kyle, Prop Styling by Beatrice Chastka, Food Styling by Olivia Mack Anderson48/53Salmon Burgers with Red Pepper MayoMade from canned salmon—plus a few pantry staples you likely keep in stock—and slicked with tangy red-pepper mayo, this burger is easy to toss together on the fly.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Plant Food Dish Meal Salad and VegetablePhoto by Alex Lau49/53Salmon Poke on Greens with Wasabi PeasFor this raw salmon recipe, you’ll toss the cubed fish in a simple grapefruit ponzu sauce and serve over tender greens. Crushed wasabi peas add a pop of heat.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Photo of Nioise two ways one with oilpacked tuna potatoes and cucumbers the other with lentils asparagus and...Photo by Alex Lau, Prop Styling by Kalen Kaminski, Food Styling by Rebecca Jurkevich50/53Any Way NiçoiseSwitch up this endlessly riffable salad to suit your preferences, but try to always include a mix of cooked and raw vegetables for the best textures. This is a great way to use up leftover cooked salmon, if you’ve got it. GET THIS RECIPE
  • Photo of Sumac Baked Fish with Saffron Quinoa a Persian recipe.Photo by Joseph De Leo, Food Styling by Anna Stockwell51/53Sumac Baked Fish With Saffron QuinoaThis festive fish recipe can be made with salmon, striped bass, or catfish. The sauce on top brings together walnuts, basil, cilantro, fresh mint, garlic, lime juice, salt, black pepper, and olive oil. The cook time for the fish is just 15 to 20 minutes; this is one of those baked salmon recipes that feels fancy without fuss.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Image may contain Bowl Food Dish Meal Soup Bowl Plant Curry and SoupPhoto by Chelsea Kyle, Food Styling by Kate Schmidt52/53Salmon and Bok Choy Green Coconut CurryThis one-pan salmon dinner is warm and creamy with coconut milk and just spicy enough with green curry paste, ginger, and garlic.GET THIS RECIPE
  • Salmon and greens topped with coconut flakes in a bowl against a light greywhite background.Photo by Alex Lau, Prop Styling by Sophie Strangio, Food Styling by Susie Theodorou53/53Turmeric Salmon With Coconut CrispCoconut crisp, laced with chile and garlic, makes this one of our favorite salmon recipes, thanks to its texture and appealing heat. Make a double or triple batch of the garnish and use it as a topping for savory oatmeal, hearty soups, or roasted winter vegetables.GET THIS RECIPE

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