Improve your  hemoglobin count with these special recipes

Improve your  hemoglobin count with these special recipes –

Blame it on not consuming a nutritious diet or a sedentary lifestyle, low  hemoglobin count can become a major health issue if not addressed in time. Low (Hb) can also be due to anaemia, especially in women. However, the good news is that it can be managed by making certain diet tweaks.

Here’s ayurvedic practitioner Dr Aiswarya Santhosh suggesting three recipes that can help improve  Hemoglobin levels.

 Hemoglobin carries oxygen from the lungs to the body’s tissues and organs, and carbon dioxide from the tissues back to the lungs.

Normal range
Adult males: 14 to 18 gm/dL
Adult women: 12 to 16 gm/dL

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What are the causes?

The most common cause is anaemia
Other causes include blood loss, injury, gastric ulcer, bleeding piles, heavy menstrual bleeding
Nutritional deficiencies
Damage to bone marrow by radiation, chemotherapy, drugs etc
Kidney failure

Signs of anaemia

Weakness or fatigue
Lack of energy

Shortness of breath
Fast or irregular heartbeat
Cold hands or feet

As per Dr Santhosh, there are three simple remedies that can help.

It is important to recognise the many symptoms associated with this health condition.

Moringa Leaves Thoran


Half cup – leaves moringa
½ tsp – Ghee
3 – Onions
Rock salt


*Heat ghee, add chopped onion and sauté
*Add moringa leaves and rock salt
*Sauté for a few minutes till it gets cooked

Raisin-Dates Drink


10 – Raisins
5 – Dates


*Soak dates and raisins overnight
*Squeeze everything and drink this in the morning

ABC Juice


½ cup – Beetroot
½ cup – Carrot
1 cup – Water

¼ cup – amla


*Blend everything and drink

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