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Baked Salmon with Garlic and Dijon

Baked Salmon is juicy and flaky with a flavorful garlic, dijon, lemon glaze. We used the same marinade on our succulent Broiled Lobster Tails. Find out why this is one of the most popular baked salmon recipes around!

When it comes to parties and entertaining, this 20-minute roasted salmon is one of our go-to seafood recipes along with Shrimp Scampi, the best Fish Tacos, and Creamy Shrimp Pasta. P.S. We included air fryer instructions which cuts the bake time in half.

Oven Baked Salmon in Roasting Pan garnished with parsley

Baked Salmon Recipe:

I hope you fall in love with this tasty Baked Salmon! We absolutely love salmon recipes and this is consistently our favorite for years. According to my readers, it has saved marriages, impressed in-laws, and had many picky eaters smiling.

Flaked Baked Salmon Recipe

The Best Salmon Marinade:

You don’t need any fancy ingredients to make the best baked salmon. This is a healthy salmon marinade, but is definitely not lacking in flavor. The best part is – there is no marinating required! All you need is:

  • Dijon mustard
  • Fresh lemon juice (not from concentrate)
  • Parsley
  • Plenty of pressed garlic
  • Pantry Basics: olive oil, salt and pepper
Ingredients for salmon marinade with lemon, dijon mustard, parsley, garlic, olive oil, salt and pepper

I am convinced this is the best marinade for seafood. It works on shrimp, lobster, fancy salmon skewers and all kinds of fish (we also snuck it onto these chicken legs and didn’t regret it for a second)! It’s fresh, vibrant and easy; simply combine all of the ingredients in a bowl, spread it over the salmon filets and bake.

Ingredients for the best salmon marinade

How Long to Bake Salmon:

This proven roasting method always produces excellent results. Baking the salmon at a high temperature quickly roasts the exterior and seals in the natural juiciness of the salmon, making it flaky, tender and moist.

  • Roast at 450˚F for 12 -15 minutes
  • Salmon internal temperature should reach 145˚F (remove it from the oven at 140˚F since the temperature will continue to rise as it rests).
How long to bake salmon with before and after baking

The Best Types of Salmon:

Wild caught salmon (not farmed) is best. Any of these types of salmon will work: Atlantic Salmon, Chinook Salmon, Coho Salmon, Pink Salmon, Sockeye Salmon, or King Salmon.

Since salmon filets can vary in size, Keep an eye on the salmon towards the end since a thinner fillet will roast faster and a thicker filet such as a fattier farmed salmon, or a thick wild King salmon fillet may take longer to roast.

Baked Salmon Filet up close

How to Make Air Fryer Salmon:

Place salmon on the wire basket, skin-side-down, and keeping it spaced just so the pieces are not touching. Air Fry at 450˚F for 5-7 minutes, depending on thickness of the salmon. As usual, there is no need to preheat the air fryer. I

love how the top becomes slightly caramelized in an airfryer – it is my new favorite way to make “bake” salmon. Read more about our air fryer here.

Air Fryer Salmon on wire rack

Mmm… flaky, juicy and incredibly flavorful salmon. This is truly an absolutely delicious salmon recipe and the #1 salmon recipe on our blog!

Oven Baked Salmon garnished with lemon slices and parsley

More Top Rated Salmon Recipes:

Where are my salmon fans? Be sure to save all of these for later. Each of these salmon recipes is unique and truly excellent.

Watch How to Bake Salmon:

With hundreds of five-star reviews, this baked salmon recipe is sure to become a staple in your home. It’s not only a reader favorite but a family favorite – my children enjoy healthy portions of this flavorful salmon which means they are getting their Omega 3’s, protein and so many other health benefits.Share the Post:

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  1. Deborah L. says:

    I’m already missing the fresh flavors of summer & this recipe was a perfect substitute! Used my favorite salmon ( and made a quick salad on the side. Thanks for the recipe.

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