Stuffed potatoes with bacon and mushrooms


8 large potatoes
8 medium mushrooms
2 eggs
200 g yellow cheese
300 g bacon
1 carrot
1 onion
salt to taste
Method of preparation: Peel a squash, grate it and squeeze the juice. Fill them with water in a saucepan and cook a little enough to soften slightly, but without breaking – half-cooked. The purpose is to be able to carve with a spoon.
Finely chop the bacon and onion. Grate yellow cheese and carrot. Carefully separate the mushroom stumps and cut them into small pieces. Mix all this in a bowl and mix it with the eggs. If you want, you can also strain (before mixing with the yachts).
Potatoes are dug with a suitable spoon – for example for coffee, and filled with the resulting mixture. Top with mushroom hats.
Arrange the potatoes in this way in an oiled pan and pour salt water over one finger. Add two tablespoons of oil and place for 30 minutes in a moderate oven. It is good to cover in the last 10 minutes.

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