Raspberry Crumble Recipe


For the filling:
80 gr. raisins
sweet wine of 100 cc
400 gr. white cheese,
80 gr. of sugar
4 eggs
60 gr. of butter
100 gr. of flour

For the crumble:
120g. of flour
120 gr. of powdered almonds
120 gr. of butter at room temperature,
120 gr. sugar

To decorate:
250g. raspberry


The day before, soak the raisins in sweet wine.

Beat the cheese. with the sugar, add the eggs, melted butter, flour
and raisins with the soaking liquid. Mix well with a wooden spoon.

In a separate bowl, work with your fingertips in the flour and
almond powder with the butter and sugar, to obtain a granulate.

Pan tapestry with aluminum foil and cooking, take half of the
granular filling and cover with the rest of the granules. Take the oven to 170 degrees.

Let cool, remove from pots and garnish with raspberries.

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