Oreo chocolate cake with raspberries

Oreo chocolate cake with raspberries
Biscuit base

225 g daily cookies
80 g butter, melted
Chocolate mousse

900 g whipped cream
180 g of sugar
300 g chocolate for pastries
9 gelatin sheets
A large glass of cold water
170 g of raspberries
A handful of little Oreo cookies

Oreo chocolate cake with raspberries

In cup we add 300 g of Oreo cookies, we put them in the crushing at 15 speeds for 15 seconds. Add 80 g of melted butter (previously it was melted in the microwave at low temperature) և mix it for 4 seconds at 4 speeds.

We choose a frying pan that can be removed from the mold and lay its base on baking paper. In my case, I chose a heart-shaped cast. Place the base of the crushed cookie on top of the pan and smooth the surface well. We put it in the fridge so that it condenses better.

From 900 g of cream we separate 160 g, and the rest, which we are going to beat. In a clean bowl put the butterfly, we add the cream together with 180 g of sugar, program it for about 1 minute at 3.5 speed. The beating time is an indicator for the cream, in my case I need 1.35 minutes, so I need to consider when the exact point of placement remains. We take the cream in a bowl and put it in the fridge.

In a large glass of water, we add our 9 neutral gelatins to water them. In the same glass, without cleaning, we add 300 g of chopped chocolate together with 160 ml of cream. We plan it for 2 minutes at 90 ° at 1.5 speeds.

With our dehydrated gelatin we empty its water, leaving only 50 ml of water. We put the cup in the microwave, heat everything together for 1 minute. After that we will stir with a spoon to melt the gelatin.

We strain it into a glass of chocolate with a strainer so that unexpected pieces of gelatin do not slip into us. We plan to mix, at 30 seconds for 2 seconds , We let it rest for about half an hour to cool before adding to the cream.

In our bowl with the cream, we separate 4 tablespoons of cream, put them in a dough bag with a wide, curly nozzle. We will use it at the end to decorate our cake.

In the bowl where we have the rest of the cream, we are going to add the chocolate little by little, mix it carefully so that its volume does not decrease. We take our mold with the base of the cookie, add the mousse.

We will only add half, put a layer of raspberries, then add the other half of the cream, smooth its surface very well. We will put it in the fridge to work for about 2 hours.

With our cottage cheese cake we take it out of the pan and decorate it. We will make a few piles of cream that we had in our pastry bag, we will put the raspberries, the oreo cookies.


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